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AgoriHost provides unbeatable Web3 Hosting. Scalable, lightning fast, fully-distributed systems. AgoriHost manages all of your Web3 network needs including private API and Block Producer nodes, wallets, NextCloud, Nostr relays and even dedicated Hive-Tube streaming servers.
Zero Commitment, Zero Logging, Zero Censorship and Zero KYC.

Dedicated Servers as low as €75/mo

Stop worrying about uptime or hidden fees. For just €75/mo (+€149 one-time setup), Starter Service includes 2x4TB RAID HDD, Intel Core i7, 32GB RAM and 1Gbps unmetered. Your Master server can run anything you throw at it and then some. Need more? Ask about Enterprise Service!

Add DDOS Protection of your Master node for €90/mo (CloudFlare = €200/mo+ for biz plans): Fully-managed, unlimited DNS with 230 zones, no 3rd party access and free white labeled NS!

Hive-Tube streaming plugin now included for FREE! Stop relying on censored, walled gardens like Youtube and Spotify. Hive-Tube blasts videos, podcasts and even 4K livestreams out via P2P and syndicates to the Hive and Fediverse networks, plus Certified Open RSS. Stream & earn!

DR & Load Distribution Add-Ons

Add an off-site arbiter node for just €50/mo and your AgoriHost master node server can now replicate your content in real-time to Minio slave nodes across 3 continents!

Off-site static Storage Service for just €25/TB/mo. Includes master/slave sync; 2hr Disaster Recovery (DR) service, master reallocation if needed and data backups distributed across slave nodes in N. America, EU, Middle East, N. Africa, India, Singapore & Hong Kong.

Off-site real-time CDN Service for just €25/TB/mo. Includes master/slave in constant sync, data transit only (not Storage), near instant cache restores, traffic cacheing, P2P rw capability, zero logging of IP addresses and other sensitive info, with cache load distributed across slave nodes in N. America, EU, Middle East, N. Africa, India, Singapore & Hong Kong.

Bells and Whistles €0

All off-site Storage and CDN Service plans include, FREE of charge: Ingress from master node to slave nodes, egress (unthrottled) from slave nodes to master (AWS charges €0.09/GB + €0.02/GB for inter-region bandwidth!), high-bandwidth ports, 2 Tbps demarcs, distributed CPU/RAM/FS resource use, Nginx proxy on master node, Anycast DNS mesh (zero cache and no cloudflare needed!), RCE/HTTP protection, TLS SSL encryption, managed + unlimited DNS records, Disaster Recovery (DR) with masking of your arbiter node, internal pointer/dummy domains for privacy & network growth, ID & Access Mgmt Svc (IAMS) control only by master node admin, Nginx proxy control also only by master node admin, Zabbix monitoring with graphs and alerts, Ansible playbook for quick spin-ups and automation. DoT, DoH, DNScrypt, DNS Failover, DNS Firewall and DNS Load Balancing available upon request.
No commitment needed!

In Other Words...

The big Web2 platforms don't care about you. They own your data, not you. They can shut you down anytime they feel like it, usually due to censorship. They want your email, your phone, your address, your credit card and all kinds of personal info (KYC) from you. AgoriHost lets you remain anonymous and pay with Monero, Dero or Bitcoin Cash. Natural Law; no more Rulers.
AgoriHost keeps you nimble and online, no matter what. #NoFear

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